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Built In Australia , For Australians. Quality , Affordable Caravans.


NOVA Caravans - When you walk into the NOVA you sense a European Influence. With Beautiful smooth lines, Stylish Hand crafted Timber Curved Cabinetry and Modern fresh decor, you cant help but feel that "wow factor" .
We are their Exclusive Far North NSW and South East QLD Agents

OLYMPIC Is A Long Standing , Strong Family Company, Building Quality, Affordable Caravans For Over 20 Years In Victoria.
Caravan City Sales Have Been Successful Olympic Caravan Dealers For 5 Years.
Proudly Awarded No.1 Country Dealer for Olympic For 2003 & 2004, and No. 1 Australia Wide Dealer For 2005 !!

Our Friendly, Experienced Staff Have Assisted Many Happy Customers To Select Caravans To Suit Their Individual Needs.

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Having Owned and Run Our Company For 11 Years, As Well as Owning Caravans Ourselves, We Have Many Years Of Knowledge and Experience In The Caravan Industry. This Helps Us Keep In Touch With What New Caravan Buyers Require.

We Can Provide Professional Advice On Correct Towing Set-Up On Your Vehicle, So You Can Enjoy Your Caravan and Holidays .


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General Info | Gallery & Interiors | Custom Designs
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